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About Me

Ithaca College graduate. Philadelphia born and raised.

I fell in love with theatre when I was 9 years old and I've been performing ever since.

Fun Facts:

I was once cast as Ursula in The Little Mermaid but cried about it until they recast me.

I have a 20 lb rabbit named Binky. 

I am a NERD. Like the kind that plays Dungeons & Dragons and watches Doctor Who.

People describe me as effervescent, curious,  romantically idealistic, and a gemini. 


Bloody Shakespeare: Titus Andronicus | Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire | Mary Huff

Disasterpiece Theatre. Trial & Dunke, Whose Jest Is It Anyway | Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire | Jeff Wolfthal, Johnathan Handley, Joe Penn

Julius Caesar | Ithaca College | Catherine Weidner


Pas de Trois, or The Dancing Witch Play | Ithaca College | Dean Robinson

Corrine Decoste


Willow de Worde

Cicero/ Citizen/ Soldier

On Ears/ On Blood

And What Happens If I Don't | The Cherry Arts | Susannah Berryman

Lindsay/ Kira

New Play Incubator: Reasons To Be/It’s a Bit of a Cliché | Ithaca College | Kyle Friedman/Nicole Bethany Onwuka

Trojan Women | Ithaca College | Dean Robinson

Chorus Member

Gather Ye Children | Ithaca College | Marc Gomes


Mary Jane | Ithaca College | Wendy Dann/Jessica Tocci


Rye Bread | Ithaca College | Micheal Tricca


The Antigone Project | Ithaca College | Susannah Berryman

Scroll/ Chorus Member


Background in singing and dance. Intermediate ukulele player. Unarmed stage combat. Proficient in French, IPA training, RP British & French  dialect. Fine Arts: Drawing, painting, crochet. Basic cinematography: Sony NEX, Bolex H-16, Adobe Premiere & Pro Tools.


Acting B.F.A, Ithaca College 2023
Acting: Austin Jones, Dean Robinson, Paula Murray Cole, Marc Gomes, Cynthia Henderson, Kathleen Mulligan, Micheal Samuel Kaplan, Sussanah Berryman

Stage Combat: Bret Yount, performance test certificate from The British Academy of Stage & Screen Combat

Writing for TV, Film, & Emerging Media Minor, Ithaca College 2023
Writing: Thomas Seely, Jack Bryant, Christopher Arotsky, Nick Sagan
Cinematography: Joshua Bonnetta


All Eyes on Me (Short) | Ithaca College | Kyle Friedman



Of Sound Mind (Short) | Ithaca College | Maddy Leitner

Punzie (Short) | Ithaca College | Matthew Sevush


Within Time (Short) | Ithaca College | Alexus Stewart


Knights of Luminos (Animated Short) | Ithaca College | Joshua Issac

Supporting Voice Over

Guest Artist

A Piece of Art (Series) | Ithaca College | Kyle Friedman

Photography by KDMorris

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